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Organic Ceremonial Matcha Barcelona Caj Chai Midori #2

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Matcha is a traditional shaded Japanese green tea used for centuries in the Japanese Tea Ceremony and now in vogue in the West. It is very important that your matcha be organic! Even more important than with other tea types since it is a fine powdered tea. This means we are actually consuming the whole leaf. 

To make this exquisite matcha the shaded Tencha leaves must be deveined and destemmed and then finely ground on a stone mill.

Organic Matcha Barcelona Caj Chai Midori #2 is an Introductory Tea Ceremony-grade organic powdered green tea grown in Kirishima using the Kanaya Midori varietal. We love this matcha so much we've made it our official Introductory Ceremonial Caj Chai Matcha! It's extremely complex and multi-purpose, making it appropriate for performing basic Chanoyu Japanese Tea Ceremony or for making top-quality matcha drinks, lattes and fine culinary recipes.  

Its fragrance is fresh and warm at the same time. In mouth one is met with a rich array of indescribable flavor that is intense and yet with trace bitterness. Its balance between sweetness and bitterness makes it an excellent choice for either Usucha (fine tea) or Koicha "thick tea" matcha preparation. Matcha is used almost exclusively in Chanoyu (Japanese tea ceremony), although sometimes tea lovers prepare it without the traditional formalities.  

Koicha preparation: two teaspoons Matcha tea powder for about 1 dl water at 80 °C.

Usucha preparation: 1 tablespoon Matcha for about 2dl water at 80º C. Let chasen (bamboo whisk) stand in chawan (tea bowl) for 10 minutes to make it more flexible and warm the bowl. Use chashaku (bamboo spoon) to take one heaping spoon of matcha and sieve through furui to eliminate small lumps. If you do not have a furui, then you can use cold water to make a paste. Add 2 dl. water at 80 °C. Hold whisk with dominant hand, using other hand to hold the bowl steady. Begin by stirring slowly to mix powder and water, then whisk swiftly while writing the shape of the letter M until you develop a creamy froth. Finish by making circular movements to eliminate large bubbles, then lift whisk from the center of the bowl so the froth looks smooth and even.

This tea comes in vacuum-sealed 50 gram or 1 kg packages. We recommend you also try: Organic Cerimony Matcha Barcelona #1 Organic Culinary Matcha Barcelona #3

Origin: Kirishima, Kyushu, Japan

Harvest: Ichibancha (Spring) 2022

Color of liquor: phosphorescent green

Aroma: spinach, seaweed, oven-baked sea-bass

Flavor:  umami, silky body, green vegetables, sweet, dense, iron

Temperature: 80º c