Private Gong Fu Tea Ceremony

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A Tea Ceremony is a celebration of the present moment. It is open to anyone and perfect for honoring a special moment in our lives, an important event, a birthday, an anniversary, a declaration of love or friendship, a gift to ourselves, a reminder to love ourselves, life and nature... a grateful appreciation of the present moment, ephemeral and infinite.

Through the Tea Ceremony we enjoy a unique, memorable experience. Through silence we share deeply and fully and make space for the transcendent possibilities of ceremony. Through tea we connect to ourselves, with our friends and family and nature in a pure, natural, authentic way.

Gong Fu Cha is considered the pinnacle of tea preparation. It is the best brewing method and the best teas should be brewed gong fu style if we want to bring out all their potential. This brewing method is highly refined and requires a skillful host. The Gong Fu Cha Tea Ceremony reflects the art of human perfection through time and space. The host must place all his attention and focus on preparing the best tea possible, thus honoring the guests and the very special tea leaves that are used in this ceremony.

Enjoying tea prepared in the traditional gong fu style invites the guest to focus their attention, to relax their mind and spirit, sharing tea and the present moment with friends in an open, calm atmosphere that involves putting our attention on all 5 senses. After a brief welcome and introduction, the formal Tea Ceremony will begin with silence, often accompanied with a carefully chosen music album that is appropriate for the occasion. We will enjoy various rounds of gongfu tea with full presence and awareness to the five senses. The period of silence will last between 45-60 minutes and will also serve as a wonderful meditation. At the end of the ceremony guests are invited to share their experience, ask questions etc. Once you've ordered your Private Ceremony we will contact you to agree on a date and time.

* Private ceremonies are programmed according to our schedule and we cannot guarantee your preferred choice of date and time. Please write to info@cajchai.com to inquire about possible dates and times.

** Private ceremonies last about 90 minutes and are held at Ceremonia del Té, located just in front of Caj Chai Teahouse Barcelona.

*** We ask that all guests come without perfume, cologne, aromatized skin creams, sun tan lotion etc. as this will affect the experience of those sitting near you.