Tea Pack & Class Introduction to Tea Preparation

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With this value pack, meant to be a great gift idea, you receive:
  1. Samples of 8 different teas that would cost you just over 90 euros if you were to purchase them separately.
  2. Access to a free Introduction to Tea Preparation class that we have up on our YouTube channel Caj Chai Teahouse (valued at 30 euros)

In the class Antonio teaches you about tea preparation and how to prepare the different types of tea: white tea, yellow tea, green tea, oolong tea, red tea, black tea and puerh tea. We dive into tea preparation, controlling temperature and steeping times and explain a variety of brewing methods (including whisking matcha green tea) so you can make great tea at home. By purchasing this value pack you can drink the teas while he's discussing them. And while we'd love to teach you in person at our teahouse (and we know we will again someday), we think this is a great alternative way for you to learn at your own rhtythm, pace and whenever you want as the video is already up and is just waiting for you! And in the You Tube comments section you can post any questions or doubts you may have and I'll answer them! This value pack consists of the following 8 teas specially selected to accompany you as you learn about the different tea brewing methods:

10gr. White Shangrila Organic White Tea

10gr. Matcha Midori Organic Green Tea

10gr. Shincha Sencha Chumushi Saemidori Green Tea

10 gr. Huo Shan Huang Ya Yellow Sprouts Yellow Tea

10gr. Ali Shan Gaba Oolong Tea

10gr. Dong Ding Style Traditional Roasted Oolong Tea

10gr. English Breakfast Organic Black Tea

10gr. 2017 Blind Mist Shou Puerh Tea

Clink this link for YouTube Video