We just printed a new menu because a lot of our 2016 tea has sold out and a lot of fresh new 2017 Spring harvest teas have come in over the last 2 months. Many of you have been waiting for the new harvest from Japan. We’ve received 4 early spring Shincha teas from the first pick of the harvest. Later spring teas from Japan will arrive in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!!! This month we received:

White Tea:
2017 Wild Purple Moonlight White: https://cajchai.com/en/product/wild-white-tea-purple-moonlight/

Green tea:
Shincha Aracha Yabukita Yame: https://cajchai.com/en/product/shincha-aracha-yabukita-yame-2/
Shincha Kabuse Okumidori Makizono: https://cajchai.com/en/product/shincha-kabuse-okumidori-makizono/
Shincha Saemidori Hand-Roasted Kamairicha: https://cajchai.com/en/product/shincha-saemidori-hand-roasted-tea/
Shincha Temomi Zairai Hand-Picked Hand-Roasted Kamairicha: https://cajchai.com/en/product/shincha-temomi-zairai-kamairicha/
Vast Teasure (Bao Hong): https://cajchai.com/en/product/vast-treasure-bao-hong/
Bright Emerald:(Cui Ming): https://cajchai.com/en/product/bright-emerald-cui-ming/

Oolong tea:
Wuyi Baozhong Traditional Roast: https://cajchai.com/en/product/baozhong-wu-yi-traditional-roast/
Organic Red Milk Oolong: https://cajchai.com/en/product/organic-red-milk-golden-lily-oolong/
Organic Milk Oolong: https://cajchai.com/en/product/organic-milk-oolong/

Black Tea (Hong Cha)
Wuyi Traditional Smoked Lapsang Souchong (ZhengShan Xiao Zhong): https://cajchai.com/en/product/wu-yi-lapsang-souchong/
Wild Purple Leaves Dehong: https://cajchai.com/en/product/wild-dehong-purple-leaves/