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2024 Organic Sencha Zen Cha Saemidori

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This excellent Organic Sencha Zen Cha Saemidori Premium or “Zen Cha” is a first flush Saemidori varietal tea from Kirishima Mountain. This is a premium grade organic-certified sencha! You'll find it to be very deep and fresh. To make this tea the leaves were shaded for 7 days prior to harvesting. This encourages the production of aminoacids which lend the tea a sweeter taste reminiscent of gyokuro tea.  The Saemidori varietal is a cross between Yabukita and Asatsuyu varietals. It is often used to make gyokuro because of its sweetness and creaminess. Year after year, this is our favorite Sencha!!! Don't miss it!


Origin: Makizono, Kirishima, Kagoshima, Kyushu Island, Japan

Harvest: Ichibancha, 2024

Color of infusion: yellowish-green

Aroma: potent, creamy, milky, crab, cream of spinach

Flavor: deep, creamy, dense, umami, spinach, chard, long lasting grassy aftertase

Temperature: 65º c

Steeping Time: 1,5min; 25 sec; 30sec; 40sec...