matcha culinario ecológico para matcha lattes

Organic Culinary Matcha Barcelona #3

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Matcha is a traditional shaded Japanese green tea used for centuries in the Japanese Tea Ceremony and now in vogue in the West. It is very important that your matcha be organic! Even more important than with other tea types since it is a fine powdered tea. This means we are actually consuming the whole leaf. 

To make this exquisite matcha the shaded Tencha leaves must be deveined and destemmed and then finely ground on a stone mill.

This is a high quality Organic Matcha Barcelona #3 that is perfect for cooking, healthy shakes, matcha lattes and even for traditional water-based whisked matcha prepared in a chawan (bowl for tea). It can be added to desserts, such as cakes or cookies, or milkshakes, or it can even be added to savoury dishes such as rice or seafood. But the quality is such that you can also use it as ceremonial matcha for beginners by whisking it with a chasen and serving it in a chawan.

For this shaded green tea they used Kanaya Midori and Asanoka leaves. It will be only slightly more bitter than a top-notch ceremonial matcha, but it's vibrant green and smooth and you're going to love it!

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Origen: Mt. Kirishima, Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan

Harvest: Ichibancha, Spring 2023

Color of liquor: Phosphorescent green

Aroma: seaweed, oven-baked sea-bass

Flavor:  dense, vegetal, metallic

Temperature: 80º c