2020 has been quite different than we expected. At Čaj Chai we have been observing and thinking how to keep providing the well-loved and characteristic space and Way of Tea service within a new safe and caring space in times of pandemia.

With all this in mind we have launched Lituraté: a series of round-tables which introduce tea through literature. Lituraté’s annual program has a seasonal structure – autumn, winter, summer and spring – and each season brings to the table two to three readings which provide a gateway to our extensive tea menu. In addition, we offer a monthly reading of Čaj Chai’s famous chai tea.

The dynamic of the round-tables is established on previously determined axes of thought which traverse a reading and a tea. Together we create a field of analysis and observation which allows for an interdisciplinary– comprehensive, holistic, if you like– insight to the tea in question. Each round-table entails a tea service (or its shipping) and the reading of a PDF document which is sent via email. This PDF comprises a brief fact sheet of the tea, an introductory reflection to the tea stage (what we like to call, quite metaphorically, Cha Xi) and a selection of literary oeuvre or key fragments – may they be novel, poetry, diary, letters, short stories and/or theatre.

Lituraté is offered via two platforms: traditional in-person encounters or online. The traditional platform offers the preparation of tea and space is limited to 10 people. The online platform, via Zoom, includes the shipping of a tea sample via post* and space is limited to 20 people.

The cost for each session is €40.


Chai Čaj Chai
The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy
Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

October: 15 y 17
November: 26 y 28
December: 21



Qi Lan (Rare Orchid)
Agua Viva by Clarice Lispector

November: 10 y 12

2011 Wild Thai Gu Shu Sheng Puerh
Poetry selection by William Blake and Sylvia Plath

December: 12 y 14


2016 Jingmai Cha Gao Shou Puerh (in January)
Todesfuge[Death Fugue] by Paul Celan and La muerte y la brújula[Death and the compass]by J.L. Borges

2017 Yamabuki Nadeshiko (in February)
Poetry selection by Hilda Hilst and Susana Thénon

You can save your spot through our webpage or at the teahouse! https://cajchai.com/workshops/

We hope to see you all very soon either at Lituraté, at the teahouse, at our workshops and events, at our store, on Instagram or at all of them at once!

*Please note that bookings for the online platform closes 10 days in advance of the event to make sure the tea arrives on time. However, we recommend saving your spot as soon as possible.