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Yellow Tea

te amarillo| Caj Chai Tehouse Barcelona
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  • Huo Shan Huang Ya “Yellow Sprouts”


    We are very happy to find this fantastic example of a delicious and authentic yellow tea that doesn’t pinch the pockets! This Huo Shan Yellow Sprouts was made using a traditional Mao Jian plucking of one bud, one or two leaves.

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  • Shen Bei Heavenly Cup Yellow Oolong Tea

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    Heavenly Cup is a very special tea made from Chin Shin (Tender Heart) varietal leaves growing without any agro-chemicals at Mr. Kuo’s natural gardens at 1600 meters in a town called Cun Yang. The leaves were withered, lightly heated, wrapped in cloth bags and placed in stainless steel vessels and steamed for 6 hours. This process is typical of yellow tea and is called “Sealing the fragrance” as the leaves release and reabsorb their own aroma continuously over the duration of the 6 hour steaming. Scroll down to read more…

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