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  • 2014 Forest Fortnight Menghai Shou Puerh

    This is a truly delicious, smooth Menghai Shou Puerh, the first loose-leaf Puerh we’ve offered in many years! It’s a very tippy tea, with lots of buds. It’s Te Ji grade, which is the second smallest Puerh leaf grade after Gong Ting. It was wet-piled in the summerof 2014 but only underwent medium fermentation so it still preserves a little sheng raw puerh energy and flavor. Read more below:

    9,50 / 50 gr. iva inc.

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  • 2015 Organic Puerh Nan Jian 703 Ripe Shou


    Organic puerh shou from Nan Jian Tu Lin tea factory, which has been producing puerh teas since the 1980s. They source their leaves from Wu Liang, Ai Lao and Lincang areas. Their 703 recipe for ripe puerh is known for its complex yet balanced flavor and sweet after-taste. This cake is a perfect choice as an everyday go-to puerh. To receive the full cake, order 357 grams.

    0,10 - 0,60 / g iva inc.

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  • Sun-dried Pu-erh Buds – Ya Bao


    These buds differ greatly from Silver Tips because they come from a different varietal of camellia tea tree that grows in Western Yunnan. The buds are picked in early spring and sun-dried. After brewing this tea one can play with buds, picking them apart gently…  Marvel at the fractal layers of unopened buds that are contained in a single bud. We’ve counted 9!

    9,00 / 40gr. iva inc.

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