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  • 2014 Forest Fortnight Menghai Shou Puerh

    This is a truly delicious, smooth Menghai Shou Puerh, the first loose-leaf Puerh we’ve offered in many years! It’s a very tippy tea, with lots of buds. It’s Te Ji grade, which is the second smallest Puerh leaf grade after Gong Ting. It was wet-piled in the summerof 2014 but only underwent medium fermentation so it still preserves a little sheng raw puerh energy and flavor. Read more below:

    9,50 / 50 gr. iva inc.

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  • 2014 Shou Puerh Old Trees Xiao Hu Sai


    This 2014 Shou Puer Old Trees Xiao Hu Sai is a very special shou puerh that blends spring and autumn harvest gu shu mao cha taken from old trees growing around Xiao Hu Sai Village in Bang Dong county in Lincang. Xiao Hu Sai is actually located on the western mountain range of Mengku area. Here you’ll find the largest old tea gardens in Mengku, where the tea trees grow naturally between 1700 and 2000 meters altitude.

    You’ll find this Gu Shu Shou Puerh to be very rich, nutty, creamy and spicey with notes of hazelnut and bitter chocolate and deep, full flavor that handles many steepings and produces a very nice body feeling.

    20,00 / 50 iva inc.

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  • 2016 Bingdao Puerh “Icy Island”

    This 2016 Bingdao Puerh is a very special shou puerh that comes from the very famous Bingdao Mountain, which is one of the best in Mengku. Bingdao or “Icy Island” is famous for producing a sheng puerh that is very crisp and sweet with a nice cooling sensation in the mouth. Read more below:

    30,00 / 100 gr iva inc.

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