Gong Bath + Tea Ceremony (at Vivea, Viladecans)

Saturday, March 28: 17:00-19:00

25,00 iva inc.

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Come experience a different type of relaxation through the holistic sounds of a Gong Bath led by Karime Gómez González, and then find yourself gently coming back with a silent tea ceremony led by Caj Chai’s Antonio Moreno.

Two healing practices that we join in a natural, fluid way. Two different types of inner travels that accompany each other, taking us deeper inside ourselves, exploring, opening, taking us beyond… we travel and come back to a new space inside ourselves, having shared a group experience that is very individual, personal but shared, still but having vibrated in every sense, calm, together, meditative, silent… renewed.

A Gong Bath meditation is an excellent complementary therapy for symptoms of stress, anxiety, depresion and many other conditions related to a general lack of balance and harmony in our bodies.

In a Gong Bath you lay down on a yoga mat in a relaxed and comfortable position for 45 minutes and listen to the therapeutic vibrations made by the Gongs; which will help you rebalance your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Afterwards, in silence we will continue with a formal tea ceremony. Tea ceremonies are very closely tied to the creation of sacred space. They are a perfect opportunity to relax, meditate, nourish ourselves and reconnect. We connect with nature through the tea leaves, with ourselves through silence, internal listening and meditation and we connect with others though the shared experience, which in this case will also serve to integrate the Gong Bath experience.

The tea ceremony will last aprox. 1 hour and we will be drinking a few bowls in silence while leaving time to share impressions, experiences, questions etc.

***This event takes place at Vivea. Carrer de la Tecnologia 17, 08840 Viladecans.

Limited Space. Reserve Online or at Caj Chai Barcelona. Price 25€.


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