Guitar Concert & Tea Ceremony #1

Friday, March 20: 18:30-20:00

25,00 iva inc.

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This collaboration joins guitarist and composer, Guillermo Rizzotto, who also practices Japanese tea ceremony with Antonio Moreno, founder of Caj Chai who in addition to practicing tea ceremony also practices The Way of Music.

Together they will create a unique experience interweaving a live guitar concert by Guillermo Rizzotto and a tea ceremony hosted by Antonio Moreno, where the bowls of tea and music compositions will unfold together with personal reflections, stories and background anecdotes iluminating the creation of the compositions and opening the way for dialogue inviting participation, philosophical revelations, questions and answers between the hosts and participants.

The Tea Ceremony is the perfect context for welcoming an introspective space where we can connect with the subtle world and enjoy a contemplative listening of Guillermo’s compositions.

A unique experience, where ritual and everyday life come together and complement each other.

Hope to see you!

Limited Seating. Reserve Online or at Caj Chai Barcelona Teahouse. Price 25€.


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