Lotus Puerh Wild Tea
2017 Shou Puerh - Lotus Awakening
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2017 Shou Puerh - Lotus Awakening

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The lotus flower is the symbol of Awakening and Purity. Each morning the flowers emerge from murky waters and are perfectly clean. They open their blooms as the sun rises and each night return again to the muddy waters. Lotus flowers symbolize rebirth and purity of speech, body and mind.

This 2017 Shou Puerh Awakening is made by Dzao people in Cao Bo, the very same people who make our delicious Bamboo Puerh.

This tea was made similar to a cooked (shou) puer with the exception that the leaves were left to ferment for 3 to 4 months, a much longer and slower process using the natural microorganisms present rather than adding any microbial starter. This tea was made using wild leaves from ancient 200-800 year old trees growing at 1500 meters in Ha Giang province, a region which shares a 270 kilometer border with Yunnan. An area that produces tea referred to as “Border Tea”.  The tea itself was plucked as one bud and one or two leaves, in Spring 2017 but compressed in 2018 and aged in Vietnam until Spring, 2022.

You can enjoy this tea now as you won't find a "wo dui" (fermentation flavor). You’ll find it to be deep and rich while handling many infusions. It's a perfect everyday puerh tea for drinking throughout the cold season. You'll find this is a fantastic fermented tea with a long sweet and earthy aftertaste. 

Origin: Cao Ba, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam

Harvest: Spring, 2017

Color of liquor: orangish - red

Aroma: leather, roots, dry earth, wood

Flavor: creamy, silky-smooth, wood, lasting sweetness

Temperature: 100ºc

Steeping time: 1min; 1min; 1,5min...