2022 Organic Shincha Aracha Kabuse Asatsuyu

2022 Organic Shincha Aracha Kabuse Asatsuyu

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Celebrate the spring with fresh Organic Shincha Aracha Shaded Kabuse! Aracha or “raw tea” is often called “farmer's tea”. It's an unrefined green tea that farmers like for its intensity and natural flavor. You could say that aracha's aroma is very fresh and intense, the closest thing to tasting freshly steamed green tea at the factory. It's a raw tea, partially processed, and normally used as an intermediary step when making other Japanese teas such as Sencha or Kukicha. Aracha is unrefined in the sense that the leaves and stems have still not undergone sorting to separate qualities.

This fabulous organic shincha kabuse (shaded) green tea was cultivated and produced by Shutaro Hayashi, 5th generation tea farmer on Kirishima Mountain, using the lovely Asatsuyu varietal!


Origin: Kirishima, Kagoshima, Kyushu Island, Japan

Harvest: April, 22, 2022

Color of liquor: bright lime

Aroma: shrimp, mussels, fruity, mango, mint

Flavor: full, dense, lively, marked umami, marine, fresh grass, lasting coolness

Temperature: 80º c

Steeping Time: 1min; 10sec; 20 sec, 30 sec...