2020 Raw "Sheng" Pu-erh Mengsong Old Trees Mao Cha

2020 Raw "Sheng" Pu-erh Mengsong Old Trees Mao Cha

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Due to its Yin nature, Young Sheng Puerh is especially good to drink in summer as it is a cold element that refreshes the body, as well as aiding in digestion. This tea comes from 300-year-old trees that grow wild in a clean and well-kept environment at Nanben Lao Zhai village in Mengsong. Until recently, the area was completely inaccessible and no roads led to the village. Therefore, the local nature is still preserved, and the tea is only harvested here twice a year. The leave, which were harvested in September, 2020 and are normally left to rest after processing and then pressed into a cake shape. In this case, the tea is presented Mao Cha, "raw tea" so called because it is loose leaf that has not yet been pressed.

We found this Mao Cha excellent, meticulously processed and a shame not to be able to enjoy it in its full unbroken splendour as it is fantastic to enjoy it as a Bowl Tea. Coming from old trees, this tea lacks the typical youthful aggressiveness of a young sheng puerh. However, it is energetic, and sweet with a very rich flavor that evokes flowers and honey and the aroma of sugar cane. Its aftertaste is long on the palate and gives a very lively and pleasant body sensation.

Bowl Teas Preparation: a few whole leaves, 3 or 4 is enough but you can put to your liking. 

Origin: Nanben Lao Zhai village, Mengsong, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China

Harvest: Spring 2020

Color of liquor: golden yellow

Aroma: floral, sugarcane

Flavor: floral, fragrant, sweet, refreshing

Temperature: 95º c

Steeping time: 1min; 1min; 1.5min