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Iconic Teas Part III - Saturday, April 6 at 11h

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The world of tea is vast and beautiful. There are however some very famous, iconic teas that every tea lover should be well acquainted with as they are famous for very good reason. They certainly will be among the best teas you will ever drink when you find a well-produced authentic one.  

Famous teas are also the most copied and imitated and therefore you "apparently" find them everywhere. Yet, it is can actually be quite difficult to find authentic ones which are produced masterfully, especially when you seek to find the top-grades.

Let's take a deep dive into this topic and enjoy 2 amazing aged Shou Puerhs!

Limited Seating. Reserve your spot here online. If you reserve a spot and finally can't attend we can only honor your cancellation if you notify us 48 hours before the event begins so we can try to fill your space.

When attending a tea event it is important to remember to not come with strong perfume as this will affect the senses of the other participants and their experience of the tea.

Your participation grants you a 10% discount on all tea and teaware purchases made on the day of the event.