Ali Shan Amber Gaba Tender Heart

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GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) oolong tea made from Taiwanese high-grade Chin Shin (Tender Heart) varietal bushes that are naturally rich in glutamic acid - the precursor to GABA, and meets or exceeds the Japanese standard of 150 mg of GABA per 100 grams of tea. GABA tea production difers in that it is made in a nitrogen rich atmosphere without any exposure to oxygen. GABA tea is famous for its extensive health properties. This Amber GABA tea was cultivated at Ali Shan and was finished with a light roast that makes for a very cozy tea for the fall and winter!

GABA tea is famous for its extensive health properties including its calming properties which have a positive effect on mood and helping regenerate the nervous system. 

To read more about Gaba production and health properties please visit our Blog:

Origin: Ali Shan, Chiayi, Taiwan

Harvest: Summer, 2023

Color of liquor: orange

Aroma: light roast, fruity milk chocolate, honey, blackberries, raisins

Flavor: toasted bread, fruity, licorice, brown sugar, parsnip

Temperature: 100º c

Steeping Time: 1,5min; 2min; 3 min...