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Friday, March 31st at 21h: Tea Ceremony

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A tea ceremony is more than just an occasion to discover and thoroughly enjoy a very specially selected tea. It is an exercise in mindfulness where we honor our guests by being fully present and putting our heart and love in the tea we prepare for our guests. A tea ceremony is an invitation to live the present where we hold space for something to emerge and transform towards simplicity and oneness. It is a reminder of the preciousness of our existence and the unicity of every moment. It is also so much more that needn't be named.

We will begin with a short welcome and introduction before commencing. We will then proceed with the tea ceremony, sharing a few cups or bowls of tea in silence. Lastly, we’ll save a little time for sharing our experience, comments, questions etc.

Your participation grants you a 10% discount on all tea and teaware purchases made on the day of the event