Honey Orchid Phoenix - Mi Lan Dan Cong

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This Honey Orchid Phoenix Dan Cong oolong is completely hand-harvested, processed and roasted produced  from early spring semi-wild bushes “Dan Cong” at the foot of Wu Dong Shan. The term “Dan Cong” means single bush. Most tea bushes grow from the ground in a cluster of branches, but Dan Cong plants emerge as a single trunk that branches off a little higher from the ground. Its caoba brown leaves are long and slightly twisted and turn olive green once they are infused. The most amazing thing about this tea however is its unbelievably intense aroma and taste… At first one might think this is a flavored tea, but its sweet, floral and fruity notes are pure and authentic products of the tea varietal and its 40% oxidation. This tea handles many infusions, moving from floral notes to fruitier ones.

Origin: Mt. Wu Dong,Chao Zhou, Guangdong

Harvest: Spring, 2020

Color of liquor: Shiny orange

Aroma: Roasted almonds, floral, peach, wood

Flavor: mango, lychee, orchid, velvety

Temperature: 100º c

Steeping time: 1min; 1.5min, 2.5min; 3.5min