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Huo Shan Huang Ya "Yellow Sprouts"

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We are very happy to find this fantastic example of a delicious and authentic yellow tea that doesn't pinch the pockets! This Huo Shan Yellow Sprouts was made using a traditional Mao Jian plucking of one bud, one or two leaves. This tea has all the character that we'd expect to find in a traditional yellow tea. Clear, herbaceous and fresh taste, smooth, waxy body and an  infinity of nuances on the palate.

Origin: Bai Ma Jiang, Da Bien Shan, Huo Shan, Anhui, China

Harvest: Spring, 2023

Color of liquor: yellowish-green

Aroma: bamboo, chestnuts, fresh hay, herbaceous, popcorn

Flavor: walnut, herbaceous, floral, fresh hay, roasted peanuts, breadcrumbs, lingering sweetness

Temperature: 85ºc

Steeping time: 1min; 1,5min; 2,5min