yomogi artemisia

Japan Zairai Artemisia Wakoucha

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Very interesting and rare novel wakoucha (Japanese black tea) blend made by Mr. Kajihara in Kumamoto, Kyushu, the southern-most region of Japan. For this tea he blended his already processed wonderful second harvest black tea from the wild Zairai cultivar with young shoots of the wild herb “Yomogi” or Artemisia Princeps, which gives the tea incredibly rich sweetness and a very pleasant herbal aroma. In Japan, Yomogi is traditionally used in folk medicine and is believed to improve infectious and inflammatory conditions. Handles many steepings!

Origin: Tsuge, Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan

Harvest: June, 2021

Color of liquor: reddish-orange

Aroma: cinnamon, ginger bread, pink ginger, lime, sour apples, fresh lemongrass, spicy, propolis, kimchi, honey

Flavor: citrus, herbal, fruity, voluptuous, round, sticks to upper palate, long aftertaste

Temperature: 100º c

Steeping Time: 1min; 1,5min; 2min...