Jin Xuan Milk Baozhong

Jin Xuan Milk Baozhong

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This is a fantastic, fresh, green, lightly oxidyzed baozhong the likes of which we haven´t offered in a
long time. Jin Xuan “Golden Lily” leaves were used making this a sort of "Milk Baozhong", since Jin Xuan is the varietal famous in Taiwan as "Milk Oolong". And yet it's not all just lilac and cream the final baking was done masterfully lending a very nice sweetness and nuttiness to it. This tea comes from Mr. Lin's natural gardens that does not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers in Pinglin, one of the cleanest areas of Taiwan.

Origin: Pinglin, New Taipei, Taiwan

Harvest: Spring, 2022

Color of liquor: golden

Aroma: seductive, floral, honey, slight citrus mandarine

Flavor: citric, honeysuckle, refreshing

Temperature: 85-90º c

Steeping Time: 1min; 1,5min; 2min...