Korean Daejak Organic

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Daejak is the name a grade of Korean green tea and is used to describe tea harvested in late May. In Korea this tea is enjoyed as everyday tea, which just goes to show how high Korean standards are because this tea is much more than an ordinary green tea. This green tea comes from an organic certified farm  on the volcanic island of Jejudo, south of the Peninsula, volcanic layers of rock naturally filter the rain water and give this tea its pure, full, fresh taste and aroma of the sea and roasted chestnuts.

Origin: Jejudo Island, Korea

Harvest: Late Spring, 2023

Color of liquor: greenish yellow

Aroma: creamy, milky, buttered corn

Flavor: iron, seaweed, marine, roasted chestnuts

Temperature: 75-80º c

Steeping Time: 1min; 1,5min; 2,5 min