Nokcha Wild Organic Green Tea

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Nokcha is “green tea” in Korean. It's a term that's used for everyday green tea in Korea. This particular tea was made by Dong Cheon, the same organic co-op that makes our Sparrow Tongue Sejak, and the fact that this amazing tea can be considered “everyday” tea speaks volumes about the quality of Korean green tea! The difference between the two teas is that Sejak is the 2nd highest grade of tea in Korea and is made with spring leaves from the third week of April, and this Nokcha is actually a late spring tea harvested at the end of May. Both teas, however, are harvested from old wild Hadong varietal trees growing on the famous Jirishan mountain.

Origin: Hwagae Valley, Jirisan, Hadong, Korea

Harvest: Late May, 2020

Color of liquor: yellowish-green

Aroma: roasted almonds, sweet corn, citric, straw, cantaloupe

Flavor: full mouthfeel, sweet corn, biscuits, straw

Temperature: 75-80º c

Steeping Time: 45seg; 80seg; 2 min