jasmine dragon phoenix pearls

Organic Jasmine Pearls Dragon Phoenix

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Organic Jasmine Pearls made naturally by layering the tea with fresh jasmine sambac blossoms. The blossoms are removed and the process is repeated numerous times until the scent has penetrated to perfection. The pearls unfurl with hot water and slowly release their delicate spring fragrance and sweet taste. Once they are fully open you can appreciate the delicate “one leaf, two buds” plucking technique that has been used.

Origin: Yunnan, China

Harvest: Spring, 2021

Color of liquor: bright orange-yellow

Aroma: Jasmine, intense, floral, sweet

Flavor: Clean, sweet, refreshing, delicate

Temperature: 85º c

Steeping time: 1,5 min; 2 min; 2min; 3min