Qimen Mao Feng (Keemun)

Qimen Mao Feng (Keemun)

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Qimen tea, often written in English as Keemun, is considered amongst the most elegant Chinese Hong Cha. Unfortunately it is also true that there are many, many grades of Keemun tea and the ones we normally come across in Europe are usually not so impressive, especially when you compare it to a Qimen Mao Feng like this one which is so complex in its notes and so long lasting on your palate!

Chinese Hong Cha literally translates as Red Tea, although most westerners would call it "Black Tea", a mistake that has been perpetuated for centuries. It is a lovely tea that has been lightly hand-rolled and hand-processed to preserve the beautiful shape of the leaves. You will find notes of cocoa, malt, caramel and wood with a very delicate smokiness. This tea handles many steepings.

Origin: Qimen, Anhui, China

Harvest: April, 2023

Color of liquor: deep brownish-orange

Aroma: cocoa, malt, caramel, wood

Flavor: thick, moderately sweet, chocolate, malty, leather, earthy

Temperature: 90º c

Steeping Time: 1,5min, 2min, 3min..