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Shincha Kabuse Asanoka Kirishima Organic

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Celebrate the spring with fresh Organic Shincha Kabuse Asanoka Kirishima. This kabuse was shaded for 10 days and plucked as one bud, two small leaves. This exhuberant green tea was made with Asanoka cultivar leaves, lightly steamed “asamushi” for just under a minute, giving its leaves a very intense, shiny dark green color and lots of depth. You will find that it is elegant and noble with a very sweet and lively aroma. We recommend you brew this tea without a lid.

Kabuse, or “covered” tea, is a Japanese green tea that is grown under a shield of straw or cotton, similar to gyokuro tea. The shading process inhibits photosynthesis, meaning the tea plant must survive on its own store of nutrients. This changes the chemical composition of the leaves, reducing catechin (responsible for bitterness) and extracting L-Theanine, improving its sweet flavor and aromatic properties. The main difference between gyokuro and kabuse is the type of shield and its duration. Kabuse tea is partially shaded for 3-14 days and gyokuro is completely shaded for 20-30 days. This fabulous organic shincha green tea was cultivated and produced by Shutaro Hayashi, 5th generation tea farmer on Kirishima Mountain, using the lovely Asanoka varietal and is packaged in 80gr. bags!

Origin: Kirishima, Kagoshima, Kyushu Island, Japan

Harvest: April, 26, 2022

Color of liquor: yellowish-green

Aroma: creamy, marine, clams, oysters, grass,

Flavor: lively, bright, vegetal, uplifting, refreshing

Temperature: 67º c

Steeping Time: 1min; 30sec; 45 sec, 1 min...