Sweet Dew - Gan Lu Mengding

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Sweet Dew Gan Lu Tea is a very rare and famous hand-picked and hand-processed green tea made of 1 bud and 1 or 2 very tender leaves plucked from Lao Chuan Cha Sichuan varietal trees on the organic gardens in the high mountains of Meng Shan (at about 1250 meters). One of the oldest types of Chinese green tea, which dates back to the Han dynasty and was once called "tea of the immortals". It is believed that this green tea differs from most in that it is more Yang than Yin, meaning it warms the body rather than cools it like most green teas.  This tea is Ming Qian, meaning it was picked at the vey beginning of the picking season.

Origin: Mt. Emei, Mengding, Sichuan, China

Harvest: Qing Ming pre-rain Spring, 2022

Color of liquor: yellow

Aroma: roasted, nutty, creamy, asperagus

Flavor: complex, nutty, creamy, long-lasting flavor, refreshing

Temperature: 65º c

Steeping time: 1min, 1min; 1,5min, 1,5min; 2min