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Water Nymph Zhangpin Oolong 8 gr.

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Water Nymph, Water Sprite, Water Fairy or Narcisssus are all names for this famous oolong varietal which grows in Wuyi Shan and neighboring areas of Fujian as well as Taiwan. In Chinese it is called Shui Xian or Shui Hsien. This Water Nymph Zhangpin oolong is processed differently from Wuyi Mountain oolong as it is was not heavily oxidized nor charcoal baked but instead only lightly oxidized and preserving the very floral Narcissus, Gardenia or even Jasmine aroma which is natural to the varietal. In Zhangpin oolong they compress the tea into little 8 gram square cakes. So unless you're a big group, I would suggest brewing just half of the cake in a serving as this tea is extremely patient and handles well over 10 steepings!

Origin: Longyan, Zhangpin, Fujian, China

Harvest: April, 2020

Color of liquor: yellowish-green

Aroma: floral, buttery, creamy, gardenia, jasmine

Flavor: sweet, creamy, floral, vanilla, silky

Temperature: 95º c

Steeping Time: 1min; 1min; 1.5min; 1.5 min...