White Beauty of Sanxia Competiton

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Rare Competition grade white tea made in Sanxia, Taiwan using the Chin Shin Gan Zi (Tender Heart) cultivar. The leaf sets actually resemble a beautiful and hairy tip Oriental Beauty, and features much darker leaf than one is accustomed to seeing in a white tea. White Beauty of Sanxia tea surprises with its distinct honey taste while evoking pleasant traces of Oriental Beauty. Only 10 kg of this award-winning Competition tea were made. Pure honey!!!!

Origin: Sanxia, Taiwan 

Harvest: Fall, 2020

Color of liquor: dark yellow

Aroma: zucchini, mint, steamed string beans, honey, rose

Flavor: fresh, silky, vegetable soup, honey, string beans, sweet

Temperature: 85º c

Steeping time: 1min; 1min; 1,5 min; 2min; 4min