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Wild Emei Mao Feng

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Mao Feng (Hairy Peak) is a tea classification term  that refers to a 1 bud, 1 leaf fine plucking with fine silvery hairs, although sometimes you can also find one bud, two leaves labelled as Mao Feng. This tea is harvested in early spring, when the leaves are most tender, young and fresh. This green tea grows wild at an old abandoned tea garden in nearby Ming Shan, where the plants originally grew from seed, meaning each plant is different and unique, unlike tea plants that grow from cuttings or clones. It has dark green leaves in the shape of eyebrows and change to bright fresh green when steeped to give a bright, fresh, aromatic green tea!

Its brew may remind you of a light Japanese sencha… its golden, round and very  long lasting. Emei is a famous sacred mountain in Sichuan that is covered in clouds and mist, which combined with its high elevation makes it ideal for growing tea. It is one of the 4 sacred Buddhist mountains and, actually, it was where the very first Buddhist temple was built. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

Origin:  Ming Shan, Mt. Emei, Mengding, Sichuan, China

Harvest: April, 2020

Color of liquor: yellow

Aroma: highly fragrant, lotus flower, creamy, fresh soy milk, zucchini

Flavor: thick and round with velvety texture, mineral, fresh peas, refreshing

Temperature: 75º c

Steeping time: 1min, 1,5min, 1,5min; 2min