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Wild Georgian White Honeysuckle

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This incredible wild Georgian white tea was grown from chinese seeds and allowed to reproduce naturally in the same forest as our Wild Georgian Black Honey. It's always a special treat to enjoy wild tea that was allowed to thrive in a natural ecosystem but this elegant and beautiful looking tea really sooths and inspires with its floral and fruity notes and sweet, silky texture that handles many, many steepings. Don't miss this one!

Origin: Schvitobauri, Ozurgeti, Georgia

Harvest: May, 2020

Color of liquor: bright yellow

Aroma: fresh, sweet, honeysuckle, pear, peach blossoms

Flavor:  soft, sweet, silky, lotus flower, apple, banana

Temperature: 85-90º c

Steeping time: 1,5min; 2min; 3min...