té blanco salvaje

Every year we curate a small selection of special teas that we offer on these Christmas dates, they are small jewels that we consider “gifts” that we, as tea lovers, make for ourselves and therefore love extending the unique opportunity to all of you.

Here they are:

WuYi Mountain Bei Dou Da Hong Pao: https://cajchai.com/en/product/bei-dou-yi-hao-da-hong-pao/

Wild Georgian White Honeysuckle: https://cajchai.com/en/product/wild-georgian-white-honeysuckle/

Yellow Mountain Bird Song Tea Vol. 1 https://cajchai.com/en/product/yellow-mountain-bird-song-vol-1/

Wild Georgian Black Honey: https://cajchai.com/en/product/wild-georgian-black-honey/

Gu Shu Ancient Tree Dian Hong Lincang: https://cajchai.com/en/product/gu-shu-dian-hong-cha-ancient-trees/

Qi Lan “Rare Orchid”: https://cajchai.com/en/product/qi-lan-rare-orchid/

Hope you get to enjoy them all!

Happy Holidays,

Caj Chai