Looking for artistic teaware? For all of you who don’t have it so easy or convenient to visit us in Barcelona, this month we uploaded lots of new teaware to our web. You can find some new pieces from long-time collaborators such a Petr Novák and Mirka Rándova from Pots and Tea, who we’ve written about previously on our blog http://cajchai.com/en/la-belleza-de-la-artesania-de-petr-novak-y-mirka-randova/, as well as lots of new teaware from 4 artists whom we have never before featured on our web, some of them local artists living in Barcelona:

Nelson from Atukaa Ceramics: Nelson is an incredible Colombian potter now living in Barcelona who is making all sorts of incredible new teaware for us, shiboridashis, hohin, teapots, chawans… you name it! For example, here you’ll find some of his hohin: http://cajchai.com/en/product-category/accessories/houhin/

Encarna Soler: Encarna is a very talented and dedicated profesional from Alicante who frequently travels and teaches potters how to make traditional hand-built chawans and loves to explore the depths  of the world of shino glazes. On our online teashop you can find a selection of her hand-built chawans, although sometimes you may be so lucky to find some of her yunomis, shoboridashis or teapots. http://cajchai.com/en/product-category/accessories/chawans/

Misako Homma: Misako is a Japanese artist who has been living in Barcelona over half her life. She has established a wonderful pottery studio  in the Poble Sec  neighborhood where students can learn to throw clay on the wheel and make an infinite variety of objects. On our web you’ll find some very nice Raku chawans and sometimes some very nice yunomi sencha cups http://cajchai.com/en/product-category/accessories/chawans/

Samorost: Ondrej is a sensitive young czech artist who comes from a family with an artistic background. He is a very skilled wood-craftsman making one-of-a-kind tea scoops and chasaku for tea ceremonies. Ondrej’s relationship with wood is very personal, sourcing exotic raw material and letting a new piece of wood settle in his studio before he determines the piece’s calling! Here you’ll find some of his work: http://cajchai.com/en/product-category/accessories/wooden-teaware/

What you can find on our web is just a small representative selection but at our Barcelona teahouse you can find more teaware from these and other great artists. So stop by for a visit if you’re in town!