The Tea Cupper's Notebook

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The Tea Cupper's Notebook is designed so that you, the tea enthusiast, can jot down your impressions and all other relevant information in an organized manner when cupping or tasting tea. Over time you will have created a personalized notebook containing your descriptions of all the teas you have experienced; whether in tastings with tester cups, gaiwan, shiboridashi, teapot, bowl tea, gong fu tea ceremony, etc… At the end of the book you'll find a glossary of organoleptic terminology, including vocabulary for texture and color, that may help come time for putting words to your observations and sensations when drinking tea. T

his book is a continuation of the educational work we do at Čaj Chai, pronounced [Chai Chai], a teahouse – teashop located in the old Jewish quarter of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, where periodical tea workshops, tea tastings, tea pairings and tea ceremonies are held. The Tea Cupper's Notebook is the perfect support for any tea taster, sommelier or tea enthusiast who wishes to deepen their knowledge, develop their palate and record their tea tasting experiences and discoveries in an organized manner.