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New Arrivals July (China, Japan, Corea, Taiwan)

July 11, 2017
This month we've received a bunch of fantastic new green teas from Japan and Corea, yellow and green teas from China and oolong tea from Taiwan: Green Tea: Bihhako Zairai Ryokucha Hand-rolled https://cajchai.com/en/product/bihhako-zairai-ryokucha-hand-rolled/ Organic Sencha Zairai https://cajchai.com/en/product/organic-sencha-zairai/ Organic Sencha Yabukita…

Tea Meditation Retreat with Wu De

June 24, 2017
From October 2-8, join Wu De (Aaron Fisher), zen and tea monk, founder of Tea Sage Hut and the non-profit organization Global Tea Hut and author of books such as The Way of Tea, Zen and Tea One…

June 21st: Opening a New Tea Space!

June 17, 2017
This Wednesday we'll be opening a new tea space specialized in tea ceremony service and teaware. Starting at 5pm we'll be opening our doors for the first time and serving a nice welcome tea for all who come…

Summer Solstice Tea Ceremony

June 14, 2017
Summer Solstice Tea Ceremony! Tenemos un nuevo espacio dedicado a la ceremonia del té que puedes encontrar en Facebook Ceremonia del Té El día 23 celebramos San Juan y el Nit de Foc con una ceremonia del té…

Latest Blog Posts

Ice Tea Ice Cream! Interview DelaCrem

June 24, 2017
Este mes entrevistamos a Massimo Pignata, creador de DelaCrem, una heladería considerada entre los mejores (si no “la mejor”) heladerías de la Ciudad Condal. Si me lo preguntas a mí, yo no tengo duda, por eso cuando decidimos…

2017 Tea Japan, China, Thailand

June 3, 2017
We just printed a new menu because a lot of our 2016 tea has sold out and a lot of fresh new 2017 Spring harvest teas have come in over the last 2 months. Many of you have…