Organic Spiral Pearls Green Tea

Organic Spiral Pearls Green Tea

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This wonderful and very fresh organic green tea comes from the Shangrila Garden. This is the same garden in Ilam, Nepal which produces our Shangrila Organic White Tea.

The leaves for this exclusive Nepalese green tea are carefully fine plucked in sets of one bud, one leaf.  The leaves are then quickly brought in from the fields and left to wither for just a short period before they are rolled into this nice spiral pearl shape that will remind you of the shape of the famous Bi Luo Chun. You'll find this to be a very tippy tea with lots of silvery hairs on the buds. This makes for a very attractive looking pearl as well as a very nice, velvety cup thanks to all the depth that this miniscule hairs provide in the cup.

Origin: Shangrila, Ilam, Nepal

Harvest: Mid-April 2023

Color of liquor: light gold

Aroma: almond flowers, freshly cut grass, green grapes, lightly mineral

Flavor: refreshing, balanced sweetness, herbal, green grapes, straw, soft velvety astringency

Temperature: 80º c

Steeping time: 1,5min; 2min; 2min; 2,5min